Introduction: “I’m Charles Baker Harris. I can read.”

My name is Camden. I own many copies of To Kill A Mockingbird and several pieces of book and movie-inspired art/memorabilia. One time I won an award for it at my alma mater. I wanted to learn WordPress, practice descriptive bibliography, and document my collection, so here we are. My previous efforts at documenting the collection can be found here.

I offer no commentary on the book, as others have done much better than I could ever hope to do. This is merely an online repository for my collection.

I started this collection in college; I wanted to surround myself with my favorite book, a sort of comfort in times of great stress. I associate this book with my family and I was attending school on the opposite coast from them. I wanted something that reminded me of them, so I knew that I wasn’t alone, that I would always have them with me. Also, I worked in my college’s book conservation lab at the time and it was right next to the college archives and everyone else collected books and I was jealous. It spiraled out of control from there.

I named this blog after Dill because I was watching The Movie and I really related to his statement of “I’m little but I’m old.” In the movie, he is my favorite.

All images of the books/memorabilia/ephemera were taken by me. Images not by me will be indicated as such. For example, the header image is from here.

I am currently getting my MLIS at San Jose State University. My undergraduate degree was in English at Goucher College. I like tea, my e-reader, and Star Wars, among other things.



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