A thimble

Look, I don’t even know. It’s a freaking thimble with the popular yellowish-white and black cover. How cool is that? I got it on ebay from thimble-king as soon as my prize money came in. I don’t know why — it has very little to do with the covers of the book! But I kind of love it. My mom collected thimbles when I was growing up, so I’m sort of attached to it in a “this slightly kitchy thing reminds me of my family.”

I stupidly did not get any details from the seller when I bought it, so I have no idea how it was made or what the seller’s story is. I do know that thimble-king is the ebay home of Birchcroft China, a thimble and button  making company based in Longton, Stoke on Trent, England.

Ah, collecting. What weird and wonderful places you have taken me.


2012. ($6.75 in shipping!)


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