The Audiobook (for To Kill A Mockingbird)

Ahhh, yes. The audiobook, narrated by Sissy Spacek. I first found it at my local library in my early years of collecting and decided that ripping all the CDs to iTunes was like buying it. Right? I put the files on my iTunes, returned it, and promptly forgot about it for several years.

Cue this summer, when I was packing my room for a move. I needed something to listen to; Go Set A Watchman‘s release date was upon us and I was in high TKAM fever. What better way to make drudgery pleasant than to listen to my favorite book?

Wrong. I know I said I wasn’t going to do reviews in my intro post but I need to say it; the TKAM audiobook is terrible. There’s absolutely no life in it. It’s like listening to someone read the iTunes Terms and Conditions without the thrill of finding out how how often I’ve been violating their rules. Sissy Spacek is probably a nice person but her reading is just awful. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend it at all.

So I gave up on the audiobook around the time school started for Scout and Jem (I’m surprised I lasted that long, to be honest), switched to Taylor Swift probably, and forgot about it again.

Until! Force Friday! September 4, 2015, that beautiful fall day in which Disney rolled out a bunch of Star Wars merch to make money and I dragged my family around town trying to find Star Wars: Aftermath and Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Lost Stars. We ended up in Barnes & Noble and after finding the books I was after (shout out to the Stevens Creek Barnes & Noble staff who helped me find Lost Stars; sorry I got both the title and the name of the author wrong), I trundled up to the register to give B&N lots of my money. On my way up I noticed that the TKAM audiobook was not only right there but also on sale. Horray! I could not stop myself, despite how much I dislike it. I bought it. I own it. I will probably never listen to it in full. I haven’t even taken the plastic wrap off it. Sorry Sissy Spacek.


2015 (30% off!!).



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