-Isolation- Boo Radley

This honestly, honestly might be my favorite art TKAM-inspired art piece I own. It was made by an artist who goes by hinata-teh-lefty on DeviantArt (step OFF with your pretension) when she was, I believe, in high school. I asked her about the piece because I am nothing if not extremely nosy about how people relate to books and she gave me a very long and thoughtful reply. It was part of a project she did for school and she told me that it was hard to say which she loved the book so much, that she was drawn to all the usual cliches when she tried to put to words what it meant to her. “It was just a very good book and a very good movie.” I concur.

It features Boo Radley lying on the floor in front of a window while it rains outside. I have seen a lot of TKAM fanart in my time, but I rarely see art of Boo Radley by himself and have never seen him in his house. I love that. I love stepping into the Radley house. There is no question that Boo is isolated, left only with his (arguably abusive) family for company, but something about seeing him utterly alone, lying in front of his literal window to the world and seeing only rain – how often was he prone like that? At what point did he get up off the floor (literally, metaphorically) and decide that Scout and Jem were going to be his friends, his children, that the window was not enough? It gave me chills the first time I saw it. For someone so important in the novel, Boo is an underused character in TKAM fanart. I’m glad hinata was willing to go there, to engage with this very good book and this character. It’s a beautiful piece.


Better image can be seen here. 2009, bought in 2012.

Quick note: CBH updates are moving to Thursdays, as my professors have all my assignments due on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Updating on Thursdays will give me a light at the end of the tunnel.


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