Photos from the movie!

Let’s look at the TKAM movie set photos I own! All two of them. I bought them from generic Hollywood photo sellers on the internet so no interesting stories there.

This photo is of Harper Lee and Mary Badham sitting on the porch of the Finch house. Fun fact: the entire town in the movie is a set.

set photo badham lee

I flubbed up and bought the same photo at two different times from the same seller on Etsy (2014 and 2015). Always check what you actually own before buying, folks! (I should have started this blog years ago…)

Here is a promotional photo of Gregory Peck and Mary Badham. Fun fact: Mary Badham and Gregory Peck grew so close during the filming of TKAM that she referred to him as “Atticus” for the rest of his life.

set photo badham peck

It also makes me laugh because at no point during the movie does Scout wear that dress. (2012, eBay.)

It’s actually a pretty pathetic collection given how much I love the aesthetic of the movie (I will save my thoughts on the content of the movie for a later post). One of my favorite-ever author photos is of Harper Lee standing behind Mary Badham on the tire swing in the Finch’s front yard. The behind-the-scenes photos are wonderful too – plenty of Peck consulting with Lee, Badham climbing all over Peck, and a wonderful one of Badham playing on her own in the front yard. This part of my collection definitely needs to be expanded.

Note that none of these photos are actually hanging up in my room anywhere. No wall space! I dream of owning a house with room for some kind of collector-cave like you see in movies and TV news spots with those people who are so obsessed with something that they buy like crazy. (Sounds familiar.) A room that is just filled with TKAM books, art, and movie memorabilia instead of having it all shoved on a couple of bookshelves or stuffed in a box under my bed. That will be nice!


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