Hello, Friends of the Goucher Library!

I was so pleased to get the Friends of the Goucher Library newsletter today – I love hearing about what is going on in my library. (Strictly speaking, it’s not my library, but it will always be My Library. At one point my friends and I had plans to name it after ourselves, until we found out that would cost several million dollars.) Imagine my surprise when I got a little shout out in Nancy Magnuson’s (the college librarian) message to FOGL! Awesome!

fogl shout out

If you came here from the newsletter, here is the post Nancy refers to!

I owe so much to the Goucher College library. If Melissa, the conservation librarian, had not taken a chance on me, a sophomore who had no experience in book conservation, the concept of “librarianship is a valid career path” would never have occurred to me. Who knows where I would be now! Although I am very far afield from a conservation lab (now a reference librarian in a public library…how on Earth did I get here?!), conservation and archives will always be my first love. Goucher’s library gave me so much, and that isn’t even counting the hundreds of hours I put in studying in the library. So to the members of FOGL reading this: thank you for supporting Goucher’s library and all its student users. You do great work.


Me in the conservation lab. That is a guillotine behind me. One of my favorite places at Goucher!


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