“Courage is not” from Escape Module Prints

I am back! School is done and I am back! Um, for the week. Actually, I almost forgot today because I was reading the newest Rick Riordan and angrily eating cheese crunchies (my complicated feelings about Rick Riordan could sustain its own blog posts. Luckily for you, that is not within the purview of this blog.) Next week I have jury duty for the first time and while I am desperately hoping I will be excused by Thursday, we’ll see. The week after, summer semester starts and school, as we know, throws everything right up in the air.

Now that you all know what I am doing for the next three months, let’s get to the interesting things: TKAM-inspired art!


That is without a doubt the worst picture that has ever graced this blog and I encourage you all to look at the Etsy page from whence it came to see what it looks like in its actual form.

I bought this print from Escape Module Prints a couple of years ago. It is gorgeous. I don’t own a lot of minimalist art and don’t usually go for it, but I love this print. It could easily be a book cover, marketed to mature readers. It is super dark (you’ll have to take my word for it) but then, it is not a particularly cheerful quote to begin with:

“Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. It’s knowing you’re licked before you begin but you begin it anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”

But I find that the white-on-black gives the quote strength. Yes, we are going to lose the case, yes, things are going to be terrible for a long, long time, but keep going. You’re strong enough to get through this. Even if nothing changes immediately, you’re strong for trying.

I asked the shop owner, Tore Kamsvaag, why he made this print. He said that To Kill A Mockingbird was one of the first books he read and loved. He doesn’t often love fiction, but he loved this book. He wanted something with TKAM in his shop because he loved it so much and ended making a piece with that quote because he kept coming back to it.

He also sent me the following, which I hope he will forgive me for posting in full without permission:

“Take a deep breath. You just breathed in 100 Million Nitrogen molecules that Harper Lee Breathed out while she was writing our favorite book.

It may sound crazy but it’s true – you also just breathed in 100 million Nitrogen Molecules of everyone that ever lived on this planet!”

So lovely!


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