About Folks Call Me Dill

Hi! My name is Camden. Folks Call Me Dill is a site/blog to showcase my collection of copies (and related ephemera/memorabilia) of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. I offer no commentary; others have done better. The inspiration for this site comes from Tolkien Library though this endeavor is messier than Tolkien Library. A longer introduction can be found here. One time I co-won the Applestein Sweren Book Collecting Prize from my undergraduate alma mater, Goucher College, for the collection.

Here is a glossary, which will be expanded as necessary. If something needs adding, let me know! Here is the tag list which is currently very rough (last updated 3/10).

I can be found fangirling Star Wars on Twitter and neglecting my Tumblr. My Pinterest board for the movie is here. I am a student at San Jose State University’s School of Information pursuing a degree in Library and Information Science.

My first attempt at documenting my collection can be found here; hopefully this site fares better. The collection has grown significantly since then.

Image above is of (part of) my collection was taken in May 2015 by my friend Lorna.


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